The State of IT governance in Uganda's higher institutions of learning

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Information technology (IT) has become an integral part of development in any organization. Dependence on IT brings concerns in organizations to handle its increasing complexity which necessitates the implementation of IT governance. However, IT governance is lacking in the public sector organizations of developing countries, leading to failure to realize the full potential value of IT. For Uganda's higher institutions of learning (HILs), implementation of IT governance is unexplored. Therefore, in this paper, the authors investigate the state of IT governance among the eight HILs in Uganda. Interviews were used to collect data which was categorized into structures, processes, and relational mechanisms. The results showed that the relational mechanisms like training were fairly implemented, while structures and processes like the IT steering committee and IT performance measurement respectively were poorly implemented.



IT Governance, IT Governance Mechanisms, Higher Institutions of Learning, Structures, Processes, Relational, Mechanisms


Ndagire, L., & Basuta, J. (2022). The State of IT governance in Uganda's higher institutions of Llearning. International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE), 13(1), 1-15.