Moving towards regenerative inclusive food systems


The food systems in which people in East Africa produce and consume their daily meals are in crisis. Hunger continues to grow. Climate change, biodiversity loss, depletion of natural resources and declining soil health are the factors making the lives of farmers and other actors in these food systems increasingly difficult. This booklet is about Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems. These are based on the idea that for the food system to change for the better, fundamental changes are needed in society – in the agricultural sector and among both consumers and policy makers. There are already many initiatives that aim to improve the current situation by focussing on sustainable outcomes, most of which are based on technology and economics. Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems approach go beyond this, by focussing on how to get to these outcomes, where the capacity to regenerate is key. Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems are about the motivation and capacities of people in the food system, starting from local communities: about their motivation and capacities to reflect on the situation, to create a common vision, and to inspire others to make a change. With this approach, interpersonal relationships will become stronger, as people take care of each other and pursue paths for equal opportunities in transforming their food systems, while leaving no one behind. Moreover, in Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems, people are seen as being embedded in nature and their relationship with nature is therefore fundamentally different. The ecosystem is regenerated, including the rich life in the soil beneath our feet.



Water and Food, Climate Resilience, Animal Breeding & Genomics, Green Economy and Landuse, Innovation- and Risk Management and Information Governance, Regional Development and Spatial Use, Development Economics, Fresh Food and Chains, Land Use and Food Security, International Policy, Animal Farming Systems


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