Team-building activities and employee performance in government organisations of Uganda

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International Journal of Novel Research and Development


The current paper discusses the influence of team-building activities on employee performance in government parastatals in Uganda. Although there are various components of team-building activities such as internet activities, indoor activities and outdoor team-building activities. This paper specifically focuses on internet team-building activities and it asses its influence on employee performance in organizations in Uganda. The study conducted a comprehensive literature review in which the works of principal authors such as Bratton and Gold, Mayo, Cole among others were cited. The researcher employed a cross sectional survey research design. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect data from a sample of 113 respondents. The data collected was analyzed using the statistical package for social scientists (SPSS). The study revealed a strong positive and significant correlation between internet team-building activities and employee performance (r= 0. 865, p=0.000), thereby concluding that, internet team building activities are significant determinant of employee performance in Uganda. It is from this that the researcher recommends that recommends employers invest much in indoor team-building activities to enhance employee job performance in the organization.



Team-Building Activities, Employee Performance


Kateeba, N. E., Kitata, P. W., & Rukanyangira, N. (2023). Team-building activities and employee performance in government organisations of Uganda.International Journal of Novel Research and Development, 8(6):257-257.