Higher education institutions contribution to research and innovations through public private partnership (PPP)

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Uganda has pursued a Private Sector-led approach to its economic policy and management over the last three decades. This has put the Private Sector at the forefront of growth and development process of the Country. Among the important roles of Higher Education Institutions is to influence; development of improved technology, knowledge transfer, national unity, promotes democracy, as well as innovation, creativity and increased productivity. However, if Higher Education Institutions are expected to play these vital roles in society and the economy, then collaboration between private sector and Higher Education must be deftly established. However, this can never be successful without the deliberate intervention of the Public Sector in this context, to provide an enabling environment through; policy participation, continuous regulatory reforms and good infrastructure (Hendrickson, R. M., Lane, J. E., Harris, J. T., & Dorman, R. H. (2013). Therefore, the Government of Uganda through Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE) may intervene by enhancing a worth accreditation systems and promote commendable innovations in higher education. This is critical because UNCHE is responsible for provision of guidance in the establishment of institutions of higher education and assurance that quality and relevant education is delivered (Felix, 2009). Infact UNCHE's main role is to license higher education in Uganda and Accreditation is revocable at the discretion of UNCHE. The Private Sector partnership with higher education institutions in collaboration with Public Sector can energise organisation and prioritise the need for continuous improvement (Bartell, M. ,2003). Most organisations focus on protecting their niche processes and become reluctant to change. Partnership can be a great catalyst for incredible innovation because more learning opportunities are created (Goldsmith, S.,2010). Researchers and Scientists, provide a philosophical and comfortable backdrop. Meanwhile students; fetch spanking new ideas, inimitable perspectives, unrestrained energy, and seemingly boundless drive. Therefore, this paper, illuminates the contribution of Higher Education Institutions Partnership with the Private Sector Entrepreneurial Mindset in collaboration with public sector as a driver in; research, new knowledge creation, innovation and hence enhanced productivity of the economy.



Private Sector, Public Sector, Partnership, Higher Education Institutions, UNCHE


Rukanyangira, N. & Oidu, M.K. (2021). Higher education institutions contribution to research and innovations through public private partnership (ppp). Researchjournali’s Journal of Entrepreneurship, 9(1), 1-16.