Towards personalized learning environment in universities in developing countries through blended learning: a case of Muni university

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Scholars World-International Refereed Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce


Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) is the future of education at higher education institutions (HEIs), and blended learning is a means to achieve it in emerging regions. However, several challenges hamper its implementation. This study therefore uses a combination of research approaches to investigate these challenges and report on the experience of more than a year of adoption and implementation of blended learning in Muni University in an effort to improve the quality of education as well as to set in the foundation for PLE.A total of 200 questionnaires were distributed and total of 165 were collected, making a return rate of 82.5%. The results indicate that, the respondents had skills and university has the will to implement blended learning environment however, critical issues related to user training, technical support and proper benchmarking were insufficiently included as essential and integral part of the implementation. The study recommends that self-enrolment of the students be enabled and Coverage must be extended, Training should be given to students, FAQs should be included and enrolment process should be simplified.



Blended Learning, Personalized Learning Environment, Pedagogical Methods


Oroma, O. Josephat; Guma, Ali &, Busingye Phelix Mbabazi (2018). Towards Personalized Learning Environment in Universities In Developing Countries through Blended Learning : A Case of Muni University. Scholars World - International Refereed Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, VI(I), 5789. Retrieved from