Mutactimycin AP, a new mutactimycin isolated from an actinobacteria from the Atacama Desert


Bacteria belonging to the phylum Actinobacteria are a very good source of antibiotics, and indeed dominate the current clinical antibiotic space. This paper reports Mutactimycin AP, a new compound belonging to an anthracycline-type family of antibiotics, isolated from a Saccharothrix sp. This actinobacterial strain was isolated from the rhizosphere of lupine plants growing in the extreme hyper-arid Atacama Desert. Structural characterization was carried out using electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and NMR spectroscopy in combination with molecular modelling. The compound was tested against the ESKAPE pathogens, where it showed activity against MRSA and five strains associated with bovine mastitis, where it showed activity against Enterococcus pseudoavium and Staphylycoccus Aureus subsp. Aureus.



Saccharothrix, Mutactimycin, Anthracycline, Glycoside, Anthraquinone, NMR, Mass spectrometry, Antibiotics, ESKAPE pathogens, Bovine mastitis, Dairy cattle


Astakala, R.V.; Preet, G.; Milne, B.F.; Tibyangye, J.; Razmilic, V.; Castro, J.F.; Asenjo, J.A.; Andrews, B.; Ebel, R.; Jaspars, M. (2022). Mutactimycin AP, a new Mutactimycin isolated from an actinobacteria from the Atacama Desert. Molecules.