Food system innovation platforms as a pathway towards regenerative inclusive food systems


Food systems in East Africa are under pressure. Climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource depletion, and declining soil health are having an impact. Hunger continues to grow. Recent developments, such as the increasing price of inputs like mineral fertilisers, make the need for change even more urgent. Many agree that to reverse these trends requires a fundamental change. We need a transition towards Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems. In another booklet we describe what Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems may look like, why we need them and what lessons we have learned in the REFOOTURE project on the transition towards such food systems.



Water and Food, Climate Resilience, Animal Breeding & Genomics, Green Economy and Landuse, Fresh Food and Chains, Regional Development and Spatial Use


Froebrich, J. (Ed.), Groot, A. M. E. (Ed.), Adokorach, M., Alvarez Aranguiz, A. B., Andeweg, K., Omedo Bebe, B., Beekman, G., Bennink, V., Berecha, G., Brazao Vieira Alho, C. F., ten Brummelhuis, A. G. M., Casu, F. A. M., Coninx, I., Daburon, A. I. L., Fanou, S. G. L. P., de Groote, B. G. H., Hetterscheid, S., Kajobe, R., Kigiri, D., ... Wattel, C. J. (2023). Food System Innovation Platforms as a pathway towards Regenerative Inclusive Food Systems. Wageningen University & Research.