Feedback and staff performance in Yumbe district Local Government –Uganda

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Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective


The study set to establish how feedback affects staff performance in Yumbe District, Uganda. The study adopted Cross –Sectional Correlational Survey design. In the design the researchers employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches. From the sample size of 186 respondents selected, a total of 132 questionnaires were returned, 10 respondents were interviewed, representing a response rate of 76%. According to Blaikie (2009), samples with response rate above 50% are regarded as good. The researchers used both descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the data from the questionnaires. Results revealed that feedback to the staff and performance had a strong correlation, and statistically significant (a coefficient 0. 641** at 0.05 significance level), in Yumbe District Local Government in Uganda.



Motivation, Motivational Strategies, Feedback and Performance


Ijosiga, Abdul Wahid & Picho, Epiphany Odubuker (2016). Feedback and Staff Performance in Yumbe District Local Government –Uganda. Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective, 5(4), 62–73. Retrieved from