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    Muni University Newsletter, July 2021 Issue 46
    (Muni University, 2021-07) Muni University
    This 46th Issue of Muni University newsletter brings you exciting news about the 4th Graduation set for 28th August 2021, the resumption of online lectures as students share their experiences, World Shea Day celebrated, the appointment of Mr. Mutego as the new University Bursar, Ms. Adrianne White leaving Muni University as Seed Global Health sends new Seed educator, the General prayers for Muni University community organised by the Advent of Christ Chapel, Community outreach conducted by the University Nursing Officer, and Academic staff who obtained doctoral qualifications
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    Muni University Newsletter, September 2021 Issue 48
    (Muni University, 2021-09) Muni University
    This 48th Issue brings you details of top graduands during the 4th Graduation ceremony named “The Crème de la crème of the 4th cohort”, Muni University lecturers who received awards, kick-starting of the Nang Nang project, sta¬ff restructuring, Higher Education Students’ Financing Board meeting, and Halima’s victory at the Innovation Contest.
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    Muni University Newsletter, August 2021 Issue 47
    (Muni University, 2021-08) Muni University
    In this 47th Issue of Muni University newsletter, read about Muni University virtual 4th Graduation ceremony, the new programmes accredited by NCHE, NAADS donation of tractors to Muni University, the talk between UNHCR and Muni University to establish soap factory in Yumbe district, Muni University students shine at the Inter-University debate, and the return of Final year Nursing students to campus.
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    Muni University Newsletter, June 2021 Issue 45
    (Muni University, 2021-06-30) Muni University
    In this 45th Issue, read about the free COVID-19 test for the University Staff; the Vice Chancellor's email chat with the students during the COVID-19 lockdown; the death of University of academic staff member and; the participation of Muni University Staff during the National Day of Prayers.
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    Muni University Newsletter, May 2021 Issue 44
    (Muni University, 2021-05-30) Muni University
    In this 44th Issue, read about the orientation of the pioneer Bachelor of Education-Primary students at the University; Appointment of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Christine Dranzoa as Chairperson IUCEA; Muni University Academic Staff attains PhDs; Guild President attends Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony, and Semester one Exams begin.
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    Muni University Newsletter, April 2021 Issue 43
    (Muni University, 2021-04) Muni University
    In this 43rd Issue, read about the Vice Chancellors’ Assembly; Prof. Odubuker’s appointment as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance &Administration; the Inter-University research training; Postgraduate programmes developed at Faculty of Technoscience; the proposed Cancer Institute to be built at Muni University; Vice Chancellor’s meeting with Muni University Academic Staff Association (MUNISA); Seed Global Health Stakeholders’ meeting; the signing of MoU’s between Muni University and other Partners; and the Alumni experience shared by the previous Guild President-Duncan Akatukwasa.
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    Muni University Newsletter, March 2021 Issue 42
    (Muni University, 2021-03) Muni University
    This 42nd Issue contains information about new students’ orientation; the inauguration of new students Guild Council; appointment of Acting Dean Faculty of Health Science; the tour by Kayoola bus at Muni University; the simulation training; Muni University Outreach to Arua Public S.S; quarterly review meeting held by Seed Global Health, Muni and ARRH; and Muni University lauded for research about West Nile
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    Muni University News letter February 2021 Issue
    (Muni University, 2021-02) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the induction off newly recruited staff at the University; the school practice for the Bachelor of Science with Education amidst COVID-19; and acquisition of Electrical Engineering Equipment for the Bachelor of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSc. EE).
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    Muni University News letter January 2021 issue
    (Muni University, 2021-01) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the signing of Students admitted to Muni University signing Higher Education Students Financing Loan Scheme agreements; Muni University Sensitization of Students on COVID-19 SOPS; Muni Universiy Training of Arua Regional Referral hospital midwives working in Neonatal unit, labour wards and labour suits on Helping Babies Breathe (HBB); and Library training in the Faculty of Agriculture on use of Online Library Resources for ODEL.
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    News letter, December 2020
    (Muni University, 2020-12) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the visit of Muni University by Ambassador Grace Akello - the Uganda’s High Commissioner to New Dheli –India, Singapore, Bangladesh and Nepal; Muni University Students win of the Huawei Global Competitions; SEED Global Health Donations to Muni University and Arua Regional Referral Hospital.
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    Muni University News letter November 2020 issue
    (Muni University, 2020-12-12) Muni University
    This issue contains information about a meeting held at Muni University for revision of SOPs and Protocols for patient centered care done by Muni University Department of Nursing and Midwifery and staff of Arua Regional Referral Hospital (ARRH); Enterprise development training by Stanbic bank at Muni University Incubation Center; and Retirement of University Librarian;
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    Muni University News letter October 2020 issue
    (Muni University, 2020-11-06) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the opening Muni University to final year students for Academic Year 2019/2020; Training of the University Community on adherence to COVID-19 SOPS; Donation of Face Masks & COVID-19 Guidelines books; Verification of Muni University by NCHE; Award of the best Muni University ICT students by Huawei; and Alumni Corner.
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    Muni University News letter August-September 2020 issue
    (Muni University, 2020-10-06) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the Muni University participation in the Huawei ICT Competition 2019/20; New Members of University Council took their oath; Malaria-free Uganda Mission by Arua Rotary Club; Faculty of Health Science Staff Training in SARS-CoV-2 at Makerere Uni-versity; Farmers Training on Bamboo; Emergency Care Training; and Alumni Corner
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    Muni University News letter June-July 2020 issue
    (2020-07-31) Muni University
    This issue contains information about the inauguration of Arua city ceremony at Muni University; signing of Memorandum of Understanding by Muni University, World Food Program (WFP) and West Nile Development Association (WENDA); and Bench marking visit of Muni University by Busitema University.
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    Muni University News letter February 2020 issue
    (Muni University, 2020-02-28) Muni University
    This is issue contains information about the New Accredited academic programs at the university; New Staff Induction; Faculty of Science Public Lecture series; Muni University signs Memorandum of Understanding With AfriChild; and 2020 Cancer Day Celebrations
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    Muni University News letter January 2020 issue
    (Muni University, 2020-01-31) Muni University
    This issue contains articles on review of the Bachelor of Nursing Science Curriculum; Muni University receiving visiting lecture-Adrienne White; Library Training for newly recruited staff, and Midterm Strategic Plan Review Work-shop
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    Muni University Newsletter, April 2019 Issue
    (Muni University, 2019) Muni University
    This Issue covers details of the upcoming Uganda-Germany Symposium which is to be hosted by Muni University, the inauguration of New Guild Council, Stakeholders Workshop for Curriculum review of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and University staff sensitised on cross-cutting issues.
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    Muni University Newsletter, March 2019 Issue
    (Muni University, 2019) Muni University
    This Issue features several launches at Muni University: The second phase of construction of the Multipurpose Health Science block; Nature Uganda Muni University branch; Cultural Gala and West Nile Education Symposium.
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    Muni University Newsletter, February 2019 Issue
    (Muni University, 2019) Muni University
    In this Issue, the details of the e-Courseware workshop organised by Muni University, Visit by Miss Camilla Gry Temmesen a Lecturer at University College Absalon-Denmark to Mun University and a student's narrative on why he chose Muni University are presented.
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    Muni University Newsletter, January 2019 Issue
    (Muni University, 2019) Muni University
    This Issue features details of Muni University Students who were selected to present their Undergraduate Research in Germany, visit by the ED of AfriChild NGO to Muni University for a possible partnership, and a welcome message from the University Guild Government.