Comparative analysis of PWM AC choppers with different loads with and without neural network application.

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Wasit Journal of Computer and Mathematics Science


In this paper, we focus on the "Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based PWM-AC chopper". This system is based on the PWM AC chopper-encouraged single-phase induction motor. The main purpose of this paper is to design and implement an ideal technique regarding speed control. Here analyzed PWM-based AC-AC converter with resistive load, R-L load and finally, the PWM AC chopper is fed to single phase induction for speed control. Using other soft computing and optimization techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Convolution algorithm, PSO, and Neuro Fuzzy can control the Speed. We used Artificial Neural Network to control the Speed of the PWM-AC Single phase induction motor drive. The Neural Network toolbox has been further used for getting desired responses. Neural system computer programs are executed in MATLAB. The performance of the proposed method of ANN system of PWM AC Chopper fed single phase induction motor drive is better than other traditional and base methods for controlling the Speed, based on the MOSFET.



AC Chopper, PWM, Induction Motor, ANN


Bounabi, M., & Ali, G. (2023). Comparative Analysis of PWM AC Choppers with Different Loads with and Without Neural Network Application. Wasit Journal of Computer and Mathematics Science, 2(3), 116-125. https://