Framework for e-learning in higher institutions of learning in developing countries: a systematic review of literature

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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)


The concept of e-learning is a new phenomenon emerging in developing countries, an understanding of e-learning as a pedagogical process is crucial especially with the global proliferation of Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs). E-learning is an emerging pedagogical phenomenon that developing counties have not embraced fully due to its challenges associated with various implementation factors. A systematic review of 78 e-learning published research articles was conducted and gaps were analysed in the existing research and recommendations with a focus on developing countries. The purpose of the study was to establish evidence among researchers for e-learning challenges in developing countries with focus on Ugandan public universities. The synthesis of selected articles resulted into identification of recurring trends, crucial knowledge gaps, and a road map that shows the current state of e-learning in developing countries. The articles were taken from various African countries located in the sub-Saharan region that exhibited similar challenges of implementing e-learning in developing countries. Other developing countries in Europe, Middle East, south pacific, and Australia were included in the review. In an endeavour to produce unbiased results, the quality of the papers was critically observed by considering only peer reviewed articles published in recognized journals within the last 5 years. That would guide researchers, practitioners, implementers such as governments that would like to conduct research in the emerging e-learning as a crucial pedagogical process in the field of knowledge transfer and teaching.



Developing Countries, e-learning, Public Universities, Systematic literature Review, E-learning Framework


Lawrence Nkamwesiga, "Framework for E-learning in Higher Institutions of Learning in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review of Literature", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 6 Issue 12, December 2017, 818 - 823