Influence of control systems on internal efficiency in public secondary schools in Nakuru County, Kenya

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East African Journal of Education Studies


Even though every public secondary school in Nakuru County, Kenya, has adopted strategic plans, internal inefficiencies in the form of poor academic performance and a low student transition rate exist. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the influence of control systems on internal efficiency in public secondary schools in Nakuru County, Kenya. This research study was guided by the 7-S model developed by McKinsey, the 10-step model developed by Bryson, and the system theory developed by Von Bertanlanffy. This study employed a mixed approach and concurrent triangulation design. The study sought responses from a target population of 311 public secondary school teachers in Nakuru County, 311 principals and 11 sub-county education officials. Using stratified random sampling a total of 240 teachers, principals, and sub-county education officers were included in the sample. The study utilised questionnaires, document analysis, and interview schedules. Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient was 0.76, indicating reliability. Data was analysed descriptively using SPSS (version 23). The study also employed inferential statistics, such as regression analysis and Pearson correlations. Results are presented using bar graphs, pie charts, and frequency distribution tables. The control system positively impacted the schools’ internal efficiency despite the fact that most of the public secondary schools in Nakuru County had subpar supervision. According to the findings of this research, the Ministry of Education should conduct more frequent checks on implementing the control strategy to improve the organisation’s overall efficiency.



Control Systems, Internal Efficiency, Performance, Secondary Schools


Korir, E. K., Edabu, P., & Mungai, P. C. (2023). Influence of Control Systems on Internal Efficiency in Public Secondary Schools in Nakuru County, Kenya. East African Journal of Education Studies, 6(3), 107-120.