Evaluation of e-learning management systems by lecturers and students in Ugandan universities: a case of Muni university

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International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology


The use of eLearning is increasing dramatically in Uganda, and most of institutions invest huge amounts in developing and deploying e-Learning systems. As far as Learning Management System is concerned, it offers an integrated platform for educational materials, distribution and management of learning as well as accessibility by a range of users including lecturers, students and content makers; however, the focus is still largely on getting the infrastructure and creating the e-learning content. It is necessary to consider the individual factors that play an important role in the adoption of e-learning in Ugandan universities, a case of Muni University. For example, the attitudes and perceptions of students and lecturers towards e-learning may affect their acceptance of the technology in the teaching-learning process. The study aimed at evaluating the level of user satisfaction, usability issues affecting e-learning adoption and established the factors hindering the Acceptance and Use of teach management Systems by Lecturers and Students in Uganda. Primary research method was cross sectional design using questionnaire survey, and data was collected from 130 students and 10 lecturers of Muni University. The respondents agreed that the functionality of the system is good; the system is reliable, portable, usable, maintainable and efficient. The users also showed a positive Attitude to use the system and also indicated that, there are no specific person available to provide assistance for the users and Lack of Equipments, Course Quality Concerns, Slow Speed of the E-system, Power problems, Accessibility problems, Network Connections Issues, Lack of Usability policy, Legal concerns and Lack of regular training on use Moodle hinder their usage of the system. Therefore, in order to ensure that all the students and staff can fully embrace the E-Learning Management System, the system should be accessible to the users, there should be a user policy to guide users, more training should be given to both new and old users.



Evaluation, e-learning, Lecturers, Students


Businge, Phelix Mbabazi & Guma, Ali (2016). Evaluation of E-Learning Management Systems by Lecturers and Students in Ugandan Universities: A Case of Muni University. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 5(6), 9529–9536. https://doi.org/10.15680/IJIRSET.2015.0506004