The effect of human-computer interaction on new applications by exploring the use case of ChatGPT in healthcare services. In modern technology in healthcare and medical education: Blockchain, IoT, AR, and VR


Human-Computer interaction (HCI) is a domain that focuses on growing the interaction between humans and computer systems by designing and developing user interfaces that are efficient and delightful to use. In this chapter, the authors focus on the importance of deep human-computer interaction on new applications with an emphasis on using ChatGPT applications in the health services domain. This chapter provides full details on the importance of executing ChatGPT in various health-related scenarios while highlighting the importance of HCI to enhance user interactions in personalized medical advice in a ChatGPT application. This chapter concludes that the capabilities of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence applications can revolutionize the healthcare industry by enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of new media communications between the user and applications while creating innovative resolutions to improve healthcare services.



Human-Computer Interaction, Healthcare Services, ChatGPT, ChatGPT in Healthcare Services


Mijwil, M. M., Naji, A. S., Doshi, R., Hiran, K. K., Bala, I., & Guma, A. (2024). The Effect of Human-Computer Interaction on New Applications by Exploring the Use Case of ChatGPT in Healthcare Services. In K. Hiran, R. Doshi, & M. Patel (Eds.), Modern Technology in Healthcare and Medical Education: Blockchain, IoT, AR, and VR (pp. 74-87). IGI Global.