Contract Management and Performance of Road Maintenance Projects: The Case of Arua Municipality

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Universal Journal of Management


This purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between contract management and performance of road maintenance projects in Arua Municipality. A cross-sectional survey design was used, with data collected from a sample of 102 respondents using questionnaire survey and interviews. The study found a significant relationship between contract administration, relationship management and contract closure and performance of the maintenance projects. We conclude that improved payment mechanism, controlled contract variations, improved communication channels and dispute management improve project performance. The study recommends that the government of Uganda should increase the budget for road works; internal audit function be strengthened, contract management meetings be regularly held and contract specifications clearly articulated and adhered to; and technical staff should be trained in contract management and stringent performance measures provided as controls to adequately punish errant officials. These findings offer a useful foundation in the road sector for policy and practical improvement in Uganda.



Contract Management, Performance, Roads Works, Project, Road Maintenance, Municipality, Arua, Uganda, Service Delivery


Aluonzi, Godfrey, Oluka, N. Pross & Nduhura, Alex. (2016). Contract Management and Performance of Road Maintenance Projects: The Case of Arua Municipality. Universal Journal of Management, 4(10), 550–558.