Design and implementation of electronic voting system

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International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends


The Public opinion and democratic in universities setting are the most important determinant to establish a good administration. Voting is the process through which individuals convey their opinion and has the freedom to elect a leader of the choice to signify and address the student’s issues. In today’s technological and knowledge age, computerized related matters become widespread. E-voting is one of these substances and it is capable to deliver appropriate, less costly, fast and secure services. The aim of this paper is to present an electronic voting system (E-Voting) to be applied to Muni University student’s electoral body. Several security measures were integrated into the E-Voting system in order to achieve an enhanced, speedy and accurate performance. A computer software application was developed using PHP (Hypertext processor) programming language and MYSQL (My Structural Query Language), a relational database management system in designing the database; tested and found to have produced the expected results. It is about time that traditional voting in Muni University gives way to E-Voting and hence simplifies the task for Electoral commission and his/her Officials.



Muni University, Elections, E-Voting, Security


Taban, Habibu; Konde, Sharif & Sebwato Nicholas (2017). Design and Implementation of Electronic Voting System. International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends, 7(4), 1–6.