Efficacy of institutional framework in managing wild life trade in Uganda : preliminary evidence

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Makerere Business Journal


Purpose: The aim of this paper is to report preliminary evidence on evaluating the efficacy of the institutional framework in the management of trade in wildlife products in Uganda. Methodology: The study adopted a descriptive cross sectional survey design. Analysis was done thematically and content for qualitative (interview) data and archival data respectfully; and also SPSS for quantitative data analysis from a sample 169 subjects. The hypotheses were tested using hierarchical regression. Findings: The institutional framework for managing wildlife trade in Uganda is weak. The study also found that efficacious institutional framework and management tools of planning and control have a predictive force. Originality/Value: This paper answers the pertinent question of whether the management of wildlife in Uganda in the propensity to use and patronize wildlife trade is efficacious. The paper provides the initial evidence of the application of institutional and broken windows theories as relevant frameworks for understanding management of wildlife trade.



Wildlife, Broken windows theory, Institutional framework, Wildlife products, Poaching and Wildlife crimes


Musinguzi, J., Basheka, B. C., & Odubaker Picho, E. (2018). Efficacy of institutional framework in managing wild life trade in Uganda: Preliminary evidence.