Evaluation of newly released cassava varieties for yield performance, reactions to cassava diseases and farmers’ preference in Adjumani district of Uganda


Cassava viral diseases particularly cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and cassava mosaic disease (CMD) have put pressure on cassava breeders to develop varieties that are resistant/tolerant to them. Several cassava varieties have been rolled out to farmers with the latest being NAROCASS series that are tolerant to these diseases. The yield performance of these new varieties have not been documented in some sub zones like Adjumani district that falls within a major West Nile agro-ecology of Uganda. Therefore this study sought to established yield performances of, reactions to major diseases, and farmers’ preference to these newly released cassava varieties in Adjumani. Results showed significant (P ≤ 0.05) differences among cassava varieties and experimental sites for all the parameters evaluated. Average yield performance by varieties were in the order of a local cassava—Alifasia (8.7 t/Ha) lowest, NAROCASS 2 (18.55 t/Ha), NASE 14 (33.97 t/Ha), NASE 19 (41.26 t/Ha), and NAROCASS 1 (41.71 t/Ha) highest. CMD foliar symptom was present at all sites on a local cassava—Alifasia, and on NAROCASS 1 in Ayiri parish, Ukusijoni sub-county. CBSD foliar symptoms were observed on off-types (TME 14) in the plot of NASE 14 in Miniki Parish only whereas CBSD root necrosis was observed at all sites on the local cassava—Alifasia, and on NASE 19 in Maaji parish, Ukusijoni sub-county. Cassava root rot disease was localised in Ukusijoni sub-county only. Farmers’ preferences to these newly released cassava varieties were in the order of NASE 19 (40.96%), NAROCASS 1 (24.86%), NAROCASS 2 (15.82.28%), NASE 14 (15.54%), and a Local cassava—Alifasia (2.83%). Result from this study strengthens the information gap in the breeding process towards developing a cassava variety with farmer-preferred attributes, and can also inform the utilisation of these improved cassava varieties in Adjumani district.



Cassava varieties, Cassava brown streak disease, Cassava mosaic disease, Farmers’ preference, Yield performance, New varieties, Adjumani


Abaca, A, Odama, E, Komakech, A, Asiku, B, Andrews, AA & Kassim, S. (2021). Evaluation of newly released cassava varieties for yield performance , reactions to cassava diseases and farmers ’ preference in Adjumani District of Uganda. 13(4):84–92. doi.org/10.5539/jas.v13n4p84.