The nature of management of wildlife trade in Uganda

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UMI Journal


Despite the existence of institutional framework and ongoing wildlife trade in Uganda, wildlife trade is largely not well studied. The overall objective of this study was to examine wildlife trade management in Uganda. The study thought to establish the nature of management of wildlife trade in Uganda adopting a cross sectional survey research design with a sample of 140 respondents. Face to face and telephone interviews were conducted in a guided conversation style followed by documentary review of published and unpublished documents. Qualitative data generated was analyzed using thematic and content analysis. The study documents the management system for wildlife trade in Uganda and identifies key challenges hampering the trade. A robust trade monitoring and quota setting system, more research on captive wildlife breeding of highly traded species and involvement of local communities in the management of wildlife trade will enhance the management of wild life trade in Uganda.



Management, Wildlife trade, Illegal wildlife trade, Uganda, Nature of management


Musinguzi, J., Basheka, B. C. and Picho, E. O. (2018). The nature of management of wildlife trade in Uganda. UMI Journal