A framework for e-Health information management in Ugandan hospitals: a case of Kampala and Arua.

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The study aims at developing a framework for guiding the establishment of an e-health information management solution in a developing country including Uganda focusing on: the challenges faced and the requirements to address them; designing a framework and evaluating it. The study used Qualitative and Quantitative research designs. Data was collected from 6 health facilities in Arua and 10 from Kampala using 48 respondents for qualitative inquiry and 16 for expert review. Interviews were used for qualitative and questionnaires for quantitative data. Purposive sampling technique was used for qualitative while simple random sampling for quantitative. Thematic analysis was used to analyse qualitative data while quantitative data was analysed using SPSS version 23. Findings reveal that the design decisions are likely to fulfil their purposes. The study can be used by e-health software developers, government to formulate eHealth policies, and researchers on eHealth information management.



Electronic Health, Electronic health records, Health Information System, Telemedicine


Ajidiru, H. S., Nkamwesiga, L., & Nakakawa, A. (2021, May). A Framework for e-Health Information Management in Ugandan Hospitals: A Case of Kampala and Arua. In 2021 IST-Africa Conference (IST-Africa) (pp. 1-11). IEEE.