Recovery of succinic acid from whey fermentation broth by reactive extraction coupled with multistage processes


Fermentative production of succinic acid (SA) from renewable resources such as whey is environmentally sustainable compared to petroleum-based synthesis. However, a major drawback of fermentation is the concurrent production of SA with byproducts such as lactic acid (LA), formic acid (FA) and acetic acid (AA). Therefore, appropriate downstream SA recovery and purification steps are significant in ensuring sustainable SA production. In this study, SA was fermented by Actinobacillus succinogenes and recovered in an integrated process consisting of ultrafiltration, vacuum distillation and reactive extraction. The extractant used was tri-n-octylamine (TOA) with 1-octanol as a diluent for both liquid-liquid (LLE) extraction and supported liquid membrane (SLM). The produced SA titer and yield was 11.16 g/L and 0.44 g/g, respectively. The steady state ultrafiltration permeate flux ranged from 31.18 to 33.42 L/m2h, and complete decolorization of the fermentation broth was achieved with 10 % (w/v) of powdered activated carbon. The extraction efficiency for LLE was 51.5 %, whereas SLM achieved 57.3 % recovery. SA exhibited transport and permeability coefficient of 0.00697 h−1 (R2 > 0.92) and 0.08605 cm h−1, respectively. Extraction of SA tremendously decreased as the aqueous pH was increased from 2 to 5. In SLM, initial SA flux was calculated as 9.65 g/m2h and doubled that of lactic acid. Selective extraction of only SA was not achieved; however, residue biological material and macromolecular substances were effectively removed. Herein, we clearly demonstrated that process integration applied in reactive extraction is a promising approach for recovery of SA from fermentation broth.



Succinic acid, Reactive extraction, Purification


Omwene, P. I., Yağcıoğlu, M., Sarıhan, Z. B. Ö., Karagündüz, A., & Keskinler, B. (2020). Recovery of succinic acid from whey fermentation broth by reactive extraction coupled with multistage processes. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 104216.