Voltage optimization on low voltage distribution transformer zones using batteries in Uganda

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Journal of Engineering, Technology & Applied Science


In the context of Uganda's rapidly growing energy demands and the need for sustainable solutions, this study explores the implementation of voltage optimization techniques in Low Voltage (LV) distribution transformer zones. The research focuses on the innovative integration of batteries to optimize voltage levels, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the electrical distribution system. By analyzing real-time data from various LV transformer zones in Uganda, this study investigates the impact of voltage fluctuations on the overall power distribution network. The research methodology involves the design and deployment of battery energy storage systems (BESS) strategically placed within LV distribution transformer zones. These BESS units are utilized to store excess energy during periods of low demand and release it during peak hours, ensuring consistent voltage levels and minimizing losses in the distribution network. The study evaluates the effectiveness of this approach through extensive simulations and on-site experiments, considering factors such as battery capacity, charging/discharging rates, and load variations. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is conducted to evaluate the potential financial savings and environmental impact associated with this sustainable energy solution. The findings of this research indicate significant improvements in voltage regulation, reduced system losses, and enhanced reliability in LV distribution transformer zones. Additionally, the study demonstrates the feasibility of integrating batteries into the existing infrastructure, thereby contributing to the optimization of the energy distribution system in Uganda. The outcomes of this research provide valuable insights for policymakers, utility companies, and researchers, emphasizing the importance of embracing innovative technologies to address the energy challenges faced by developing nations like Uganda.



Battery Energy Storage Systems, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Impact, Low Voltage Distribution Transformers, Voltage Optimization


Iddi, E. S., Umaru, K., Eze, V. H. U., Asikuru, S., Musa, N., & Ochima, N. (2024). Voltage optimization on low voltage distribution transformer zones using batteries in Uganda. Journal of Engineering, Technology, and Applied Science (JETAS), 6(1), 40-48.