Delegation and Staff Commitment in the School of Finance and Banking in Kigali, Rwanda: An Empirical Study

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Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective


The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between Delegation of Authority and Staff Commitment in the School of Finance and Banking in Kigali, Rwanda. A cross-sectional survey design was used with the target sample size of 97 out of 130 parent population. The total number of questionnaires that were filled and returned was 78, giving a high response rate of 80.5 percent. Due to the heterogeneous nature of the population, the researchers used stratified sampling and random sampling. Descriptive analysis involving frequencies, percentages and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient for inferential statistics were carried out. The correlation between the two variables was weak at .287, and significant at .011 value. The results were linearly correlated and this implies that staff commitment is positively correlated with Delegation of Authority; whenever employees are delegated authority, they are likely to be more committed and vice versa.



Delegation, Authority, Staff Commitment


Pascal, Kiiza & Epiphany, Odubuker Picho. (2015). Delegation and Staff commitment in the school of Finance and Banking Kigali, Rwanda. Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective, 4(3), 50–54. Retrieved from