New red giant star in the Kepler open cluster NGC 6819

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A recent study indicated that 39 red giant stars showing solar-like oscillations were discovered in the field of Kepleropen cluster NGC 6819. The study was based on photometric distance estimates of 27 stars out of the 39. Using photometric method alone may not be adequate to confirm the membership of these stars. The stars were not previously known in literature to belong to the open cluster NGC 6819. In this study, Kepler data was used to study the membership of the 27 stars. A plot of apparent magnitude as a function of the large frequency se- paration, supplemented with the proper motion and radial velocity values from literature revealed KIC 5112840 to lie on the same plane with the well-known members of the cluster. Echelle diagram was constructed, and the median gravity-mode period spacings (ΔP) calculated for KIC 5112840. A value of ΔP = 66.3 s was obtained, thus placing the red giant star KIC 5112840 on the Red Giant Branch stage of evolution. Our evolutionary status result using the approach in this paper is in agreement with what is in the available literature.



Open cluster, Membership, Red giants


Komucyeya, E., Abedigamba, O. P., Jurua, E., & Anguma, S. K. (2018). New red giant star in the Kepler open cluster NGC 6819. New Astronomy, 61, 65-68.