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    • The impact of environmental and host factors on wolbachia density and efficacy as a biological tool 

      Padde, John Roberts; Lu, Qingyu; Long, Yuang; Zhang, Donghui; Hou, Min; Chen, Lu; Xu, Zhipeng; Chen, Lin; Ji, Minjun (Decoding Infection and Transmission, 2023-11-15)
      Wolbachia, a bacterium found naturally in some species of Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, has gained significant attention for it's potential in controlling mosquito-borne diseases and suppressing mosquito populations. However, ...
    • A target-based discovery from a parasitic helminth as a novel therapeutic approach for autoimmune diseases. 

      Ni, Yangyue; Xiong, Ruiyan; Zhu, Yuxiao; Luan, Ning; Yu, Chuanxin; Yang, Kun; Wang, Huiquan; Xu, Xuejun; Yang, Yuxuan; Sun, Siyu; Shi, Liyun; Chen, Lin; Chen, Lu; Hou, Min; Xu, Zhipeng; Lai, Ren; Jia, Minjun (eBioMedicine, 2023-08-12)
      Background: Regulatory T cells (Tregs) can alleviate the development of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, thereby proposing their role as a new therapeutic strategy. Parasitic helminths have co-evolved with hosts to ...