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    • Investigating metabolic and molecular ecological evolution of opportunistic pulmonary fungal coinfections: protocol for a laboratory-based cross-sectional study 

      Njovu, Israel Kiiza; Nalumaga, Pauline Petra; Ampaire, Lucas; Nuwagira, Edwin; Mwesigye, James; Musinguzi, Benson; Kassaza, Kennedy; Taseera, Kabanda; Mukasa, James Kiguli; Bazira, Joel; Iramiot, Jacob Stanley; Baguma, Andrew; Bongomin, Felix; Kwizera, Richard; Achan, Beatrice; Cox, Michael J; King, Jason S; May, Robin; Ballou, Elizabeth R; Itabangi, Herbert (JMIR Publications, 2023-04-09)
      Background: Fungal-bacterial cocolonization and coinfections pose an emerging challenge among patients suspected of having pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB); however, the underlying pathogenic mechanisms and microbiome ...
    • Laboratory diagnosis of candidiasis 

      Musinguzi, Benson; Sande, Obondo J.; Mboowa, Gerald; Baguma, Andrew; Itabangi, Herbert; Achan, Beatrice (IntechOpen, 2022-08-04)
      The burden of Candidiasis continues to increase and so does the Candida species. Although Candida species are closely similar phenotypically, they differ from each other in terms of epidemiology, genetic characteristics, ...
    • Status of pulmonary fungal pathogens among individuals with clinical features of pulmonary tuberculosis at Mbarara University Teaching Hospital in Southwestern Uganda 

      Njovu, Israel Kiiza; Musinguzi, Benson; Mwesigye, James; Kassaza, Kennedy; Turigurwa, Joseph; Nuwagira, Edwin; Bazira, Joel; Kabanda, Taseera; Mpeirwe, Moses; Ampaire, Lucas; Mutekanga, Andrew; Kiguli, James; Achan, Beatrice; Itabangi, Herbert (SAGE Publications, 2021-08-31)
      Pulmonary mycoses are important diseases of the respiratory tract caused by pulmonary fungal pathogens. These pathogens are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality rates worldwide; however, less attention has ...