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    • Artificial intelligence in corneal topography: A short article in enhancing eye care 

      Ali, Guma; Eid, Marwa M.; Ahmed, Omar G.; Abotaleb, Mostafa; Alaabdin, Anas M. Zein; Buruga, Bosco Apparatus (Mesopotamian Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, 2023-06-17)
      The eye is a critical part of the human being, as it provides complete vision and the ability to receive and process visual details, and any deficiency in it may affect vision and loss of sight. Corneal topography is one ...
    • Artificial intelligence solutions for health 4.0: overcoming challenges and surveying applications 

      Al-Mistarehi, Abdel-Hameed; Mijwil, Maad M.; Filali, Youssef; Bounabi, Mariem; Ali, Guma; Abotaleb, Mostafa (Mesopotamian Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, 2023-03-10)
      In recent years, the term Health 4.0 has appeared in health services and is related to the concept of Industry 4.0. The term Health 4.0 focuses on replacing traditional care in hospitals and medical clinics with home health ...