Recent Submissions

  • Prospects for aquaculture development in Africa : 

    Hinrichsen, Etienne; Walakira, John K.; Langi, Sandra; Ibrahim, Nabil Ahmad; Tarus, Victoria; Badmus, Olanrewaju; Baumüller, Heike (Center for Development Research (ZEF), 2022-01)
    African aquaculture production has gradually increased over the years, but progress is still slow. Given large variations between African countries with regard to the availability of water, the macro-economic context, ...
  • First report of banana bunchy top disease caused by Banana bunchy top virus in Uganda 

    Ocimati, Walter; Tazuba, A.F.; Tushemereirwe, Wilberforce Kateera; Tugume, Joab; Omondi, Bonaventure Aman; Acema, Dan; Were, E.; Onyilo, Francis; Ssekamate, A.M.; Namanya, P.; Kubiriba, J.; Erima, R.; Okurut, A.W.; Kutunga, D.; Blomme, G. (Wiley, 2021-11-16)
    In August 2020, banana plants with characteristic symptoms of banana bunchy top disease (BBTD) caused by the Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) were observed on two different banana (Musa sp.) mats in backyard gardens in Arua ...