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  • The mediating effect of educational decentralization in the relationship between citizen participation and education service delivery of local governments 

    Twinomujuni, Rosebell; Mawa, Michael; Musoke, Henry Buwule; Rukanyangira, Nazarious (International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology, 2022-10)
    The current study was broadly undertaken to investigate the effect of educational decentralization on the fit citizen participation and education service delivery in selected Local Governments in Uganda. The results indicated ...
  • Provisional classification of wild edible fruits based on their nutrient profiles 

    Omujal, Francis; Ochan, Peter; Okullo, Paul; Ogwang, Patrick E; Okia, Clement Akais; Natukunda, Sheilla; Olupot, William (Acta Scientific, 2022-12-07)
    Nutritional analyses of food have mainly focused on determining the nutritional composition. Few concentrate on their nutritional value. This study provisionally classified ten wild edible fruits (WEF) growing in the Teso ...
  • Characterizations of regular modules 

    Kimuli, Philly Ivan; Ssevviiri, David (International Electronic Journal of Algebra, 2022-12-14)
    Different and distinct notions of regularity for modules exist in the literature. When these notions are restricted to commutative rings, they all coincide with the well-known von-Neumann regularity for rings. We give new ...
  • Assessment of biosafety and biorisk management practices among medical laboratory students in two institutions in Uganda 

    Padde, John Roberts; Akiteng, Winnie; Edema, William; Atiku, Saad Mahjub; Tibyangye, Julius; Tekakwo, Job; Andruga, Cosmas; Hope, Derick; Musinguzi, Benson; Gesa, Jean Brenda; Amadile, Lawrence; Agondua, Robert (Elsevier, 2022-09-07)
    Medical laboratory workers handle clinical specimens, which are a threat of exposure to infectious agents. Notably, medical laboratory science students report for internships with only theoretical knowledge of biosafety ...
  • Rubber antioxidants and their transformation products: environmental occurrence and potential impact 

    Xu, Jing; Hao, Yanfen; Yang, Zhiruo; Li, Wenjuan; Xie, Wenjing; Huang, Yani; Wang, Deliang; He, Yuqing; Liang, Yong; Matsiko, Julius; Wang, Pu (MDPI, 2022-11-07)
    Antioxidants are prevalently used during rubber production to improve rubber performance, delay aging, and extend service life. However, recent studies have revealed that their transformation products (TPs) could adversely ...

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