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  • Stingless beekeeping in Uganda: an industry in its infancy 

    Chemurot, M.; Otim, A.S.; Namayanja, D.; Onen, H.; Angiro, C.; Mugume, R.; Kajobe, Robert; Macharia, J.; Gikungu, M.; Abila, P. P.; Kasangaki, P. (African Entomology, 2021-03-23)
    Stingless bees are important resources for pollination of crops, production of medicinal honey and other products. However, throughout the developing countries in Africa, meliponiculture has received less attention in ...
  • Evaluation of newly released cassava varieties for yield performance, reactions to cassava diseases and farmers’ preference in Adjumani district of Uganda 

    Abaca, Alex; Odama, Emmanuel; Komakech, Alfred; Asiku, Baron; Andema, A. Andrews; Sadik, Kassim (Journal of Agricultural Science, 2021-03-15)
    Cassava viral diseases particularly cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and cassava mosaic disease (CMD) have put pressure on cassava breeders to develop varieties that are resistant/tolerant to them. Several cassava ...
  • Muni University News letter February 2021 Issue 

    Muni University (Muni University, 2021-02)
    This issue contains information about the induction off newly recruited staff at the University; the school practice for the Bachelor of Science with Education amidst COVID-19; and acquisition of Electrical Engineering ...
  • Muni University News letter January 2021 issue 

    Muni University (Muni University, 2021-01)
    This issue contains information about the signing of Students admitted to Muni University signing Higher Education Students Financing Loan Scheme agreements; Muni University Sensitization of Students on COVID-19 SOPS; Muni ...
  • Efficacy of institutional framework in managing wild life trade in Uganda : preliminary evidence 

    Picho, Epiphany Odubuker; Musinguzi, James; Basheka, Benon C. (Makerere Business Journal, 2018)
    Purpose: The aim of this paper is to report preliminary evidence on evaluating the efficacy of the institutional framework in the management of trade in wildlife products in Uganda. Methodology: The study adopted a ...

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