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    • Muni University Newsletter, February 2019 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2019)
      In this Issue, the details of the e-Courseware workshop organised by Muni University, Visit by Miss Camilla Gry Temmesen a Lecturer at University College Absalon-Denmark to Mun University and a student's narrative on why ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, January 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-01)
      The January 2017 Issue features New Year message from Dean, Faculty of Technoscience, the immunization exercise that took place at Campus, and Staff sensitization by NSSF.
    • Muni University Newsletter, January 2018 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2018-01)
      The January 2018 Issue features the award of a medal to the VC, Prof. Christine Dranzoa during the NRM 32nd Liberation Day celebration in Arua; training on bamboo management at Muni University; the research seminar held; ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, January 2019 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2019)
      This Issue features details of Muni University Students who were selected to present their Undergraduate Research in Germany, visit by the ED of AfriChild NGO to Muni University for a possible partnership, and a welcome ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, July 2018 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2018-07)
      This Issue covers the National Mathematics Contest in which Muni University excelled; the Certificate course introduced by Muni University; the launch of Google Developers program for university students within sub-Saharan ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, July 2021 Issue 46 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2021-07)
      This 46th Issue of Muni University newsletter brings you exciting news about the 4th Graduation set for 28th August 2021, the resumption of online lectures as students share their experiences, World Shea Day celebrated, ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, July-August 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-08)
      In this Issue, students' orientation, Muni University Guild President 5th Annual Hack-a-thon team is covered. Plus the signing of MoU between Muni University and Kigezi Health Care Foundation, and finally DAAD-AUGA workshop held.
    • Muni University Newsletter, June 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-06)
      This Issue covers details of TPO handover to Muni University; the Library training organized in partnership with Good Steward Global Initiative; and Academic Staff orientation with the Human Resource Manual.
    • Muni University Newsletter, June 2018 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2018-06)
      This Issue provides details of Muni University bus; new curriculum approved by National Council of Higher Education; Librarians' training organized by Muni University Library in partnership with Good Steward Global ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, June 2021 Issue 45 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2021-06-30)
      In this 45th Issue, read about the free COVID-19 test for the University Staff; the Vice Chancellor's email chat with the students during the COVID-19 lockdown; the death of University of academic staff member and; the ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, March 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-03)
      This Issue details the African Development Bank project supervision; students' participation in Inter-University debate; The University Outreach programme to Secondary schools; Orientation of Staff to Public Finance ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, March 2018 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2018-03)
      This Issue provides details of the new Muni University Council members; Huawei Seeds for Future competition; Muni University Library Day celebration; and Muni University participation in NCHE 2018 exhibition.
    • Muni University Newsletter, March 2019 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2019)
      This Issue features several launches at Muni University: The second phase of construction of the Multipurpose Health Science block; Nature Uganda Muni University branch; Cultural Gala and West Nile Education Symposium.
    • Muni University Newsletter, March 2021 Issue 42 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2021-03)
      This 42nd Issue contains information about new students’ orientation; the inauguration of new students Guild Council; appointment of Acting Dean Faculty of Health Science; the tour by Kayoola bus at Muni University; the ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, May 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-05)
      This Issue features the donation of kindle fires to Muni University by KCB; a student's experience on Huawei "seeds for future" programme; staff sensitization on employee relations, and financial literacy workshop.
    • Muni University Newsletter, May 2018 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2018-05)
      This Issue features Muni University breakfast meeting held at the University Council Hall; Public lecture by Prof. Emilio Padoa-Schioppa from Italy; the Higher Education Scient & Technology project supervision; and ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, May 2021 Issue 44 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2021-05-30)
      In this 44th Issue, read about the orientation of the pioneer Bachelor of Education-Primary students at the University; Appointment of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Christine Dranzoa as Chairperson IUCEA; Muni University ...
    • Muni University Newsletter, November 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-11)
      The First Muni University graduation is featured in this November Issues. Other events include Bulamu Health Camp at Muni University and the visit by Bishop of West Nile Diocese.
    • Muni University Newsletter, October 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-10)
      In this Issue, details of RENU workshop help at Muni University; Muni University victory in sports tournament; and the Education Charity Run organized by Students Guild are provided.
    • Muni University Newsletter, September 2017 Issue 

      Muni University (Muni University, 2017-09)
      This Issue covers the Chancellor's Orientation within the University; World Bamboo Day Celebration at Muni University; and Launch of Mission Green campaign by Rotarians at Muni University.